7 Hours of Publishing by In The End, Books?

Forms of publishing include being published on social media platforms such as Instagram. #7hoursofpublishing came into fruition when Elena and Dex were living in different time zones for 16 days. 225 images that were being published by Dex were seven hours ahead of Elena’s, questioning the factor of time in publishing today. The content was viewed, reacted to, made redundant almost immediately as new content arrives hourly on the platform.


Everyday, they posted and reacted to each other's pictures related to the themes of time. Each theme is used as a hashtags and they also geo-tagged their location and archived in the under #7hoursofpublishing. Can content that was published digitally be readable in a book? How will the content is organised so that the reader receive the same experience as ‘reading’ from the Instagram platform? What are the functions of the hashtags when the content is translated into the book?


  • 105 × 148mm, 225 pages
  • Softcover with jacket
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