...the other day... & De Bevrijdings Bonnen by Ann De Keersmaecker

Ann De Keersmaecker is an artist who questions the social situations/conditions of our daily lives and where art can be embedded in them. In one of her recent works, she relocated some chairs out of their usual bar setting to another bar, inviting query about the misfitting furniture. She named this project The Other Chair.


De Bevrijdings Bonnen, designed by In The End, Books? is a coupon set accompanying The Other Bar, a project question with the social setting of bars in De Bevrijdingslaan in Ghent, Belgium. The project brings the attention to the moments when we realise we are part of a bigger system.


...the other day... is an artist catalogue that acts as a curriculum vitae which she will use to solicit as an artist in a corporate environment. This is, in parts, also a series of portfolio for her role of an artist.


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