Greta M

Greta M. is an artist novella created during the Winter School 2017 led by David Maroto, with 16 participating artists from ECAV Sierre CH, HDB Leipzig and Sint Lucas Antwerp. The first edition was presented in INBOX at the Museum for Contemporary Art in Antwerp (M HKA) with a reading-performance by the artists. The M HKA exhibition reinvented itself as a standalone exhibition in Sint Lucas Antwerp's Showroom2 showing the whole Winter School workshop week process. Brainstorm notes, writings, rejected cover designs, … were exhibited alongside documentation of the final presentation and the finished novella. This exhibition was a prelude to the second edition of Greta M.


The second edition was released alongside an article about the Winter School workshop in the 4th YellowPress Periodical. The article was written in collaboration with David Maroto, who gave his own insights on the week. The second edition of Greta M. is a digital edition that can be accessed with a weblink and a code, both featured at the end of the article in the YellowPress magazine.


  • 2nd edition is a digital edition
  • Publication is not for sale. Contact us for more info


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